Achim Meier was born, lives and still has his recording studio in the town of Gütersloh (Germany).
One of the highlights of his carrier was a world-wide tour with the swiss born musician Stephan Eicher, with whom he shared a 15 year working relationship which brought him international musical recognition.
The experience gathered from other musicians e.g. Manu Katche, Pino Palladino, Sunny Landreth, etc. opened the door to other projects such as the film music to "Monsieur N", which he produced together with Stephan Eicher.
In 1997 he composed the song "Ce qui me peine", which sold more than 200.000 copies in France alone!
In Germany he has been a permanent member of the Juliane Werding Band for over 12 years.
Concerts and recordings with various well known artists were also milestones in his musical upbringing.
Since 2005 he has regulary toured Europe with the corsican Band I Muvrini and in 2007 produced their album "I Muvrini et les 500 Choriste".
In 2008 - 2010 he was once again on tour with Howard Carpendale and Helene Fischer.


Al Bano & Romina Power
Lisa Barel
Howard Carpendale
Stephan Eicher
Helene Fischer
Stefan Gwildis
H Blockx
Patricia Kaas
I Muvrini
Marianne Rosenberg
Semino Rossi
Etta Scollo
Juliane Werding